Audio/Visual Assessment, Design & Installation

Speak to us and help us understand your unique needs and vision for your Home, Boardroom, Meeting room, Training room, or Office block. We design any and all aspects of AV: DSTV reticulation throughout large office blocks or housing units. Whitenoise systems, Acoustic treatments, PA Systems, Presentation rooms with Projectors and screens with a sound system and room booking. We assist other installers also with design and installation where control is involved. We finance systems and help businesses to keep their cash for operations rather than equipment financing.

Boardroom installations

Are you the IT Manager or PA who has to deal with the gripes of boardroom users on a daily basis? Or do you install Office equipment and your client needs AV equipment too and you don’t know who to call? We will kindly assist you with not only a full site assessment but a full design based on the boss’ needs and wants. From a clever room booking service to a fully controlled room with a few clicks from your phone, tablet or in-room touchpanel, we do it all!

Home Cinema

Make your dream come true! We finance any size Home Theatre system for your convenience. We’re insured so there is no risk to our clients, we take the headaches out of the design. You tell us your dream and we design it and discuss and ask the right questions so that the end product is what you envisioned.

TV Signal Distribution / Reticulation

Design & installation of multi-unit dwelling and commercial satellite signal and internet distribution systems. Single satellite dish head-end to multiple points, over fibre or copper. Yes, we also finance these systems!

Planning and consultation

Clients frequently forget about their entertainment and want to add it later, this creates all sorts of issues as cabling is always needed to get a stable signal from the dish or router to the display or speakers. How much cable is sometimes daunting and you’ll never guess what’s really needed, so please save yourself issues and heartache, involve us from the planning phase! © 2019 All Rights Reserved  |  Website Designed By Clickmode  |  Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions